Nate Wiger vs Technology Code always works better after a few beers

Doppelganger spotted in London!

Many people go their whole lives without finding their doppleganger, but not me. By chance last weekend I picked up a New York Times and flipped to the Business section. There, staring back at me, was this!

Nate's doppleganger

I’ve been so absent-minded lately, that I thought it may actually be me. Did I go to London last week to protest? That would explain the hangover. If it wasn’t me, who was this socialist protester, this anti-Nate that had surfaced? I mean, I know I’m part British, but I didn’t realize it was that big a part.

Then I had this fantasy that I was, come nightfall, some type of socialist secret agent, something straight out of the Cold War, leading an underground movement to topple world governments. Then I realized: that would be an awesome idea for a TV show. I could get somebody handsome, maybe a bit dark - like Christian Slater - to play me. As usual, somebody stole my idea

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Nate Wiger's handsome mugshot