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  • » Real-time Leaderboards with ElastiCache and Redis Objects

    With the launch of AWS ElastiCache for Redis this week, I realized my redis-objects gem could use a few more examples. Paste this code into your game’s Ruby backend for real-time leaderboards with Redis.

  • » Atomic Rant Redux

    My atomic rant has gotten a ton of traffic

    • more than I forsaw.  Seems atomicity is a hot topic in the web world these days. Increasing user concurrency, coupled with more interactive apps, exposes all sorts of edge cases. I wanted to write a follow-up post to step back and look at a few more high-level concerns with atomicity, as well as some Redis-specific issues we’ve seen.
  • » An Atomic Rant

    You are probably not handling atomic operations properly in your app, and probably have some nasty lurking race conditions. The worst part is these will get worse as your user count increases, are difficult to reproduce, and usually happen in your most critical pieces of code. (And no, your unit tests can’t catch them either.)